Kavita is on mobile and desktop


Lighting fast with a slick design, Kavita is a rocket fueled self-hosted digital library which supports a vast array of file formats. Install to start reading and share your server with your friends.


We have a demo available at: https://demo.kavitareader.com

You can login with the following credentials:

Username: demouser
Password: Demouser64



Quickly resume your reading from your homepage, get to your reading lists and collections

Browse your Manga, Comics and Books

See all your series, properly named in one place


Get to your manga as fast as you can type


Initial support for metadata with more detailed information coming soon

Ratings and Reviews

Built-in ratings and reviews per Manga

Mixed Volume and Chapters

Chapters and volumes integrated next to each other

User & Library Management from anywhere

User-based roles, authentication and library management right from the app

Built-in Manga/Comic/Image Reader

A simple and responsive manga reader with impressive caching, never feel loading times when reading again.

Built-in Book reader

Customize your reading experience by controlling, font, spacing, margin, night mode, and taping on edges of screen to navigate pages.

And More!

  • Extensive File support
    • Manga/Comics: ZIP, RAR, CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, TAR.GZ, 7ZIP/7Z
    • Books: EPUB2, EPUB3, PDF
    • Raw Images: JPG/JPEG, PNG, WebP
  • Manga/Comic Reader
    • Image Scaling to fit your device screen or override for what feels best to you
    • Image Splitting for those joined page spreads, don't scroll on your tablet, just split
    • Apply a custom dark or sepia tone to your images to make it easier to read at night
    • Reading Direction: Left/Right, Up/Down
    • Webtoon reader (scrolling) built in
    • Read across archives without closing the reader
  • Book Reader
    • Interactive reader - can interact with text, run javascript
    • Dark mode persists between page load
    • Can tap to paginate or use dedicated buttons
    • Customize your reading experience with custom Font, Font Size, Margin, Reading Direction, Dark Mode
    • Table of Content just a click away
    • Remember line position and resume where you left off, no matter the device
  • User Management and Sharing
    • Create users and share your libraries with them
    • Grant users permissions to view libraries or see different mixed-media collections
    • Built-in ratings and review for each of your users
  • Cross Platform with no dependencies - Everything in the box
  • Responsive and Fast! Built-in readers that fit to your device or use OPDS and interact with your favorite reader
  • Full text search to quickly find what you want to read
  • Group and Organize your files with collections and reading lists
  • Mixed media Libraries - Light Novels and Manga can be right next to each other
  • Fast and efficient library scans. Don't perform I/O if the underlying file hasn't changed.
  • Accessibility first - audits for color contrast, screen reader, and keyboard only
  • Frequent updates with new features



Kavita is supported natively on Windows

1Install Kavita

Download the Windows Installer with the following link, extract the Kavita directory and execute Kavita.exe

Download Windows Installer
2View Kavita

Browse to http://localhost:5000 to start using Kavita.

1Install Kavita

Download the linux archive with the following link, chmod +x ./Kavita and execute it.

Download Linux Installer
2View Kavita

Browse to http://localhost:5000 to start using Kavita.

Please contact us if you wish to port Kavita for any other distribution that the ones already listed.

Generic .tar.gz downloads are available for linux, but dependencies, installation and permissions will need to be done manually.


The easiest way to install Kavita on macOS is to use the App archive with the steps described below.

1Download App package
Download macOS App
2Install App

Open the archive and unzip to a folder

Kavita v0.8+ is not compatible with OSX versions < 10.13 due to netcore compatability.
3Start Kavita

Open Kavita.app in your folder.

4View Kavita

Browse to http://localhost:5000 to start using Kavita.


The Kavita team has their own docker images, actively maintained.

There are currently 2 tags:

  • :nightly which is the bleeding edge builds. Best to use if you are in the discord to actively test
  • :latest which is the latest stable build
1Install Kavita

To install and use the Docker image, run the following command:

docker run --name kavita -p 5000:5000 \
    -v /your/manga/directory:/manga \
    -v /kavita/data/directory:/kavita/config \
    --restart unless-stopped \
    -d kizaing/kavita:latest

Alternatively you can use docker-compose file:

version: '3.9'
            image: kizaing/kavita:latest
                - ./manga:/manga
                - ./data:/kavita/config
                - "5000:5000"
            restart: unless-stopped

Please contact us if you wish to port Kavita for any other platform that the ones already listed.
We prefer to coordinate the port, please reach out on Github or Discord.